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Think Good Consulting

“45,000-65,000 nonprofits are formed every year, and every year about the same amount go out of business; it reminded me how close we've been to being one of those closing nonprofits. A lot of factors go into avoiding that saddening statistic, but the most important is having a staff that buys into your core values...”
- Bill Strickland 


Leadership capacity is the foundation for impactful strategic planning and change management. Our process includes training and coaching for both Executive Director's and Boards.  

We start with identifying Strategic Touchstones. Touchstones are the core values of key stakeholders including staff, Board and clients. Value alignment is critical for developing an organizational “compass” for the future. After establishing Strategic Touchstones, we begin the Strategic Planning Process. The desired outcome of this phase is to identify the 3-5 key initiatives for the organization. We suggest an 18-24 month timeline of implementation of the plan.  

Once the key strategic initiatives are identified, the Operational Plan can be built. Focus in this phase is on the work required (primarily by the internal team) to execute the Strategic Plan.  

This unique, customized process ensures the success and sustainability of the strategic plan.


Whether you are trying to downsize, right size or grow your organization, Think Good Leadership can help. We have extensive experience at connecting mission to capacity.  

Considering a partnership, merger or acquisition? We bring unique experience to the table. We have seen change internally as an interim executive director and externally as a consultant for a variety of organizations. Let us help you ask the right questions, create the strongest partnership and facilitate the most impactful change.  Contact Deb today and get started!